Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Two things every sorority girl can agree to love: Boys, and Cooking for boys. Throw football and beer into the mix and there lies the best combo ever.  Your favorite team may not be playing, but you can still enjoy the day! I, myself am a HUGE Patriots fan so clearly I am pretty excited for this Sunday. What I am even more excited for is cooking for a houseful of hungry hockey players.. wait that doesn't sound appealing, whatever, it will be interesting to say the least! I know everyones first reaction would be to log into pinterest and search for interesting recipes, but I've found that some of the links are broken, not in english!, or just plain unhealthy. A friend of mine stumbled across a great blog called Eat Yourself Skinny, written by a 20 something girl with a love for food and dogs. I think we'd get along great! Everything is healthy, and homemade. She even includes nutritional info and weight watchers point values! GREAT!

Here are my top 5 favorite "Super Bowl" dishes

1. Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Spinach and artichoke is one of my favorite dips ever, if not my actual favorite. Unfortunately it is notorious for being unhealthy in fat content and calories despite being made with what would unknowingly seem like healthy ingredients. Applebee's is the most popular restaurant in my opinion for artichoke dip... and now that I mention that I may go get some tonight!

"This recipe is around 120 calories per serving as opposed to a typical spinach and artichoke dish being around 250 calories!!"

2. Buffalo Chicken Bites

I've never tried anything like buffalo chicken bites but it sounds amazing and only 5 weight watcher points per serving so its good and good for ya! Obviously you can't load on the blue cheese or ranch dressing, which will be VERY hard for me,  but I'm sure they'll be great just the same. I may actually have to make these! A new alternative to the old standby buffalo chicken dip!

3. Taco Wontons, aka Taco Cupcakes!

I've never attempted anything like this but I think I just may have to! I am obsessed with Mexican food and tacos, and of course guacamole. I don't know how the boys will feel about this but who cares! I have needs too ;)

I think I'll leave out the "healthy" and "good for you" part when telling the boys when I made for them. I've found they don't really care anyway!

xo. GO PATS!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

As Seen On Pinterest: Get the Look!

If you're anything like me, you are constantly wishing you could some how own every single item you pin onto your fashion / style board. Well, I am here to help! .. I've been searching for different items I have seen on pinterest, in a completely affordable price range! (Sorry no couture here)

           The Shoes - Lulu's -     

The Shorts - Nasty Gal - - The Blouse

The Shorts - Nasty Gal - - The Blouse

The Skirt (in white) - Sabo Skirt - - The Skirt (in black)
Similar - Lace Shorts

The Dress (in navy) - Nasty Gal - - Personal Faveee

The Dress - Nasty Gal -

Aztec Skirts are like, SO in right now.
I've found them in places like Forever21, NastyGal, SaboSkirt and more!
This one is actually from SaboSkirt - Found here

The Top (in purple) Lulu's -

If you can't tell by now, if you see something on pinterest, and wanna buy it .. and cannot find it.. 
Feel free to comment on this, or tweet @ me and I'll do everything I can to help.
From one shopaholic to another..

Happy Shopping


Sorority Girl Obsessions: SHOESshoes&moreSHOES

It's kind of a widely known fact that most, if not all, girls LOVE shoes.

Having a vast shoe collection can really break the bank if you don't have the energy or will power to shop around. For the 'poor' struggling college girl, great deals can make your day, or even week.. (and it means more money for drinks... not that we buy our own!) Until recently, Steven Madden and Bakers were my "go to" stores for every shoe need, but now, is the best website for finding all of the current shoe trends at amazing prices. If you're just as obsessed with shoes as I am, you cannot settle for just a pair or two .. and now you won't have to!

Here are some of my current shoe obsessions, splurge vs. steal:

1. Leopard Wedge Bootie
             Splurge: Steven Madden "ANNNIE-L"
             Originally $149.95 .. onsale for $104.98

       Only $27.50 !! I think I may have to order these this week! Oh the compliments I'm gonna get ;)

2. Cognac Leather Knee High Boots
        Splurge: Steven Madden - "Emmit" - $89.95
        ... Not all THAT bad of a price, but I have found Steve Madden isn't as quality as I would have hoped,  but this is just my experience.


      Steal: - $32.70 !
           You really can't beat that price! .. and for this much, you may as well buy the black pair too.

Wedges are the more comfortable, easier to walk in alternative to sky high pumps, but still just as fashionable, and who doesn't adore the current trend of knee high riding boots?!

I owe my new obsession with this site to none other than pinterest.. so once again thank you pinterest, but my bank account does not!

Happy SHOE shopping!


Sorority Girl Obsessions: Etsy

Etsy, another new site I have recently stumbled upon. The crafters dream!

You can buy and sell thousands of different homemade goods directly from artists all over the country. If you hold a unique talent for crafting, you can even sell your goods for some extra cash! It's sort of like Ebay, but without the bidding. You can like specific items, or artist pages to save for later. I'm really glad I stumbled upon this site merely for the abundance of hand made silver jewelry and unique Greek gifts. So many hand made items from Lilly Pulitzer prints too, a sorority girl's dream! Most of the hand made Lilly items I have checked out are priced below $30, which is perfect because ya'll know you're not just going to buy ONE thing ;) .. Here are a few of my favorites!

Small Lilly Pulitzer 'White Zin' Print Monogram Initial

Yes I realize mouse pads are probably far past outdated, but how adorable is this one!?

Fabric Mouse Pad Classic White Zin made with Lilly Pulitzer Fabric


How adorable is this? I think I may NEED this.. Yes, need. So cute.

Lilly Pulitzer Steering Wheel Cover 

Amazing! I wish I were talented enough to make something like this on my own!
Oh well, a girl can dream.. and buy other people's talent.

I could probably sit here for hours on end and link my favorite thinks from Etsy. Some other notable items range from sterling silver bow earrings and rings, custom painted wine classes and tervis tumblers, Lilly headbands and key chains, to hand painted canvas tote bags! Check it out!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Sorority Girl Obsessions: Pinterest

If you have yet to be introduced to, you are missing out on some SERIOUS good times and procrastination. Pinterest can be explained in various ways, but my explanation is simply: a virtual cork board or mood board. Similar to most of the established social networking sites, you follow and have followers. You can create different boards for different themes, events, seasons, colors, whatever your heart desires. My most used boards? Food and my 'fashionista' board. Different themes include SHOES, beauty, crafting and pictures of celebrity icons. You can "repin" things that interest you to which ever board you have created, kind of like a re-tweet on twitter. You can also "like" and comment on the pins. Certain pins you can click through to different sites, shopping sites, blogs, tumblrs etc. So say you find a skirt you like, repin, click through, voila! You can now purchase that skirt from a website you might have never heard of and otherwise would never stumble across.


You either need to be invited by someone already a part of the site, or sign up for the invitation wait list, so if you're not a part already, JUMP ON IT! Apologies to your bank accounts in advance, the crafting boards are dangerous.

If you don't know, now you know.

Happy Pinning!


Sorority Girl Essentials: BOWS

There is one thing I think all sorority girls can agree on, no matter the house: You can never have enough bows! My favorite site to order my bows off of, if my local boutique doesn't have the ones I want, is Gracie Belle Bows. They have so many different types ranging from tiny grossgrain clip bows, to the classic ones most sorority girls love, to giant (dare I say tacky?) cheer bows. I apologize for any former, or current cheer girls I have offended, never been a fan of the bows eek. The bows come in 50+ different colors, with different options for clips.

The best part?!

$1 bows! Yes, one dollar. Free shipping on orders of $10 or more, round up some sisters and order as a group! Or, if you can't wait, $1.99 flat rate shipping on all other orders. The woman running this site is god's gift to the sorority world.

Happy Shopping! xo.

Happy day of birth to Savvy Sratty!

I'm very excited for my first blog, something I never thought I would be interested in.  I'm starting on the idea of being Sratty / Classy / Girly on a college or struggling post graduate budget, something that is useful to any girl! Since I am super addicted to shopping, my twitterS, and, I will have endless ideas that I will try and share with anyone who decides to follow. If no one follows, at least I have something to procrastinate with!

I hope it takes off and people like the idea.

Wish me luck!